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What separates Avalanche Design LLC. from our competition is our attention to detail. 


We know that a small leaf in the preparation stage of a patio will decompose causing that patio you paid an arm and a leg for will sink in that spot. And we do everything possible to make sure nothing like that will happen with any of our projects. 


We strive to have an unparalleled attention to detail, and work with our customers from start to finish to ensure their satisfaction with every project we complete.  We believe that luxury outdoor living spaces can come at a fair price while building a durable product with the highest quality on the market.

Our Backgrounds


Our backgrounds in outdoor construction and landscape design began in 2011 when Brandon started working for CoCal on a large-scale government contract, and Michael started with a smaller local residential outdoor construction and landscape company. 


The following year Brandon joined with Michael to work for the residential outdoor construction and landscape company where we worked together for two additional summers while we played Junior hockey in the winters. 


Both of us then worked for another residential outdoor construction and landscape business in Fort Collins while we attended Colorado State University where we both graduated with Economics degrees. 


In the middle of that summer, we decided it was time to move on and work for ourselves. The majority of the jobs that we worked on during this time included demoing fences and re-constructing them, building paver and flagstone walkways and patios, constructing pergolas and decks, and irrigation projects, along with standard landscape jobs excluding lawn care, and have continued doing so since.

We put our customers first, and since we are both the owners and the builders, communication and flexibility is seamless. Our commitment is to work with each client's budgets and needs to create spaces that are unique to them to suite their.

Meet The Team


Brandon Luke



Michael Porter


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