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A collection of some of our projects. Our hope is that this not only shows you our work, but also gives you a glimpse into how we think about each client's individual challenges.

A Space for Friends & Family

Originally just a simple backyard, has been transformed into a large entertainment area for friends and family. The party begins by opening the 12 foot rolling gate into the space. Enclosed by 6ft horizontal privacy fence, dogs and family members can safely roam. Centered by a large grilling patio with a pergola cover, this space is sure to offer a shaded and interactive area for years to come.

Vacant Lot to Backyard Getaway

This first time home buyer had nothing but vacant lot, and a simple but specific vision. By enclosing the backyard within a 6’ shadowbox privacy fence, this space is both private for relaxation, and safe for pets. A small yard, coupled with xeriscape rock and plants creates a low maintenance space for an active family to come home to during any season.

No Backyard? No problem.

This pergola covered patio was designed as a relaxing porch side area due to a minimal backyard. This client wanted to fix the lack of outdoor space by providing a front seating area that fit the style of their home, while also serving as an inviting entryway for guests.  

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